Graphic Design

Your company doesn’t have to be the size of Coca Cola to have a brand. In fact, every business has one. And by building yours into a strong one it can become one of your most valuable assets.

A lot of the work we do involves helping businesses create strong brands. That’s because design plays a pivotal role in defining corporate images, creating customer experiences and evoking emotional feelings about companies. Building a strong brand is simply a matter of communicating positive messages about your company in clear and consistent ways.


Print design/production, branding, logo design, advertising & marketing materials

We specialise in creating brochures that promote sales. Logos that express a unique identity.

Since 2005, Fuel4vision has been helping companies build the visual tools essential to business. If the project calls for photography, animation, website development, print or display; Fuel4vision will manage all the elements to produce real results for you and your company.

Website design


Fuel designs and produces responsive websites for start-ups and blue chip clients alike.

We have the experience and the knowledge not only to produce websites that clients are proud of, we also offer transparent pricing and practical work ethics.


Website design/production, social media and video

Design and production also goes hand in hand with hosting and security of the website. No point having a good cup of tea and spoiling it with a cheap biscuit. We will handle your online presence from purchasing or moving your URL right through to backing up and monitoring your new baby.

Buildling your outlook to the world is an exciting step forward for any start-up. Our low pricing is sure to help out your budget (after all we have been there as well). Also if you need a complete refresh and a new direction we can help you with that as well.

We have server partners in Europe, South Africa and the USA, offering dedicated and shared hosting.

3D Design

3D Graphics

Design and production of 3D concepts, rendering ideas for you and your clients, for example: packaging, staff catering areas, building areas, marketing material, products and pitch work renders.

We listen, we learn about your needs and we produce. Taking great care to note all the facts, take the correct photos or advise on the correct photos needed. Measurements and project spec,deadline and delivery all within budget.


Packaging, product development, interior and exterior renovations and marketing materials

3D concepts help immensely with pitch work or bidding on large projects. With an understanding that pitch work normally comes last on the daily job list, time scales to present are very marginal. We are here to work with you and present on time and on budget.

3D concepts can help with:

  • Renovating a business area like a canteen or staff quarters/offices
  • Marketing materials: brochures, adverts, billboards even business cards
  • Product placement in shops
  • Product development
  • Packaging for food and non edible goods

Exhibition Graphics

3D renders for modular or custom built exhibition stands, from 3D to print ready artwork.

We have a wide experience in exhibition work from a simple modular stand to double decker exhibitions. We create the 3D environment for you to be 100% happy with the final instal.


3D stand builds, graphic design, print production, mood boards and equipment

We create the 3D renders, mood boards as well as walkthroughs, from the render sign off we will then create the hires artwork to print.

With our stand building partners in the UK and South Africa we can help with any event in any country.

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